Human Sorcerer


Avarron grew up in a distant city. He was the middle child in a family of 10. His family was poor, and made money working as entertainers in a circus. Avarron left home shortly after he turned 16, when he went on the road. Both his parents and all siblings were still alive when he left. He started selling spices, in a caravan, with someone he’d met back home. The business got busier, and he then started dealing kief on the side. The mixture of spice trade and drug trade almost became seemless for a long time. Then, a series of run-ins with some local port authorities in a non-friendly city brought their business to a crawl. After four years in the business, Avarron and his business partner decided to take their money and go their separate ways.

For the next few years, Avarron worked with different merchants, vendors, suppliers, and loyal customers to build his business again, in a different part of the continent. It was during this time that he began to discover his powers of arcane magic. Suddenly, he was able to send words to a person who was nowhere to be seen. He could read magical writings. Typically, these powers are passed down through a bloodline. It would be very surprising to find out that you are a sorcerer but don’t know of anyone in your family that also has these powers. Avarron reads a tomb which says that the blood of the Djinni may be flowing through his veins. He then realizes more powers that he seems to be born with.

One day, Avarron was living in a town called Gafolweed. He met some adventurers and travelled across the countryside, laying waste to the lair of Vraklin the coblynau necromancer.


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